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Consideration of Participant Audience

Select one of the two following options:

  1. What are the unique characteristics of your participant group, and what are two ways in which this would affect your chosen method of communication? (You may consider of phase two your project here, if you wish.)
  2. As with any group, there is diversity within your participant group. What variations do you anticipate among your participants and how would you attend to this for optimal communication of program offerings?


  1. What marketing methodology do you think would be most effective for your participant group, and why? Here you may consider venues such as mini retreats, health fairs, printed literature, peer informants, etcetera.
  2. What is a secondary choice for marketing materials, and why?

Aaron Hernandez Case Analysis

roject 1: Case Analysis

Aaron Hernandez was a professional athlete, having played for the New England Patriots.  In 2013, he was accused of murdering a mutual friend, Odin Lloyd.  In 2015, he was convicted of the Lloyd murder.

You may conduct your own research in answering the questions below, but also consider the following two links for support:

After reviewing the information provided, submit a three (3) page paper using the format below and answering the following questions supported by specific authority from the links provided.  Use must use 1 inch margins and 1.5 line spacing, as well as 12pt font, preferably Times Roman or Arial.

A. Introduction

1. Give a brief overview of the facts of the case, including an explanation of the specific statute(s) under which the defendant was charged and/or convicted and the ultimate outcome of the case

2.  Give a brief explanation of the burden of proof, which is proof beyond a reasonable doubt in a criminal prosecution.

3.  Give a brief explanation of why the Hernandez trial was so important to the prosecution of crimes in the United States.

B. Opening Statements

1. Which attorney was most persuasive?

2. Which attorney gave the jury more significant facts to consider?

C. Establishing/Challenging a Prima Facie Case for Murder

1. Name one key witness who helped establish a prima facie case of homicide for the prosecution or challenged a prima facie case for the defense, and explain why he or she helped or hurt the prosecution of the case.

D. Evidence

1. What other evidence (than testimony) was significant in establishing or challenging a prima facie case of murder?

E. Closing Arguments

1. Describe why one was more persuasive than the other, and how the jury would have been persuaded one way or the other based on the closing statements.

F. Outside Factors

1. What, if any, outside factors (media, public opinion, etc.) affected the trial and/or the outcome of the case and how did they do so? (What book?)

G. Concluding thoughts

H. As a budding criminal justice scholar, discuss briefly why this case is important to the study of criminal justice and criminal prosecution, and how reading primary documentation about it has changed your own perspective on the case.

Format Requirements

1. Submit a three (3) page paper using the format above and answering the listed questions supported by specific authority from the links provided.

2. Use must use 1 inch margins

3. 1.5 line spacing,

4. 12pt font, preferably Times Roman or Arial

Community-Based Health Program Case Study

Identify a case study examining the efficacy of an organization-based health program. You are not limited to the United States for your choice of program, but may look at programs on a global perspective. For example, you may wish to view the recommended video under this week’s Resources section ( When discussing the efficacy of the program, focus on why it was or was not effective from an organization-based perspective. Include economic considerations and effects. Finally, provide recommendations on how the program could be improved and/or strengthened.

The paper should be 4 to 5 pages, excluding the title and references pages, and be in APA format. Use at least two outside scholarly sources to support your points.

4 Page

Session Analysis Paper

Conduct an Internet search for the following video titles:

  • “Fritz Perls and Gloria – Counselling (1965) Full Session”
  • “Carl Rogers and Gloria – Counselling (1965) Full Session”

Watch the Fritz Perls and Carl Rogers video sessions.

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word clinical summary of each counseling approach. Include the following in your summary:

  • The presenting issue of the client
  • The view of how mental illness develops according to that approach
  • The goals of therapy according to that approach
  • The role of the counselor
  • The techniques employed during the session
  • How the techniques used would change if the counselors were using an Existential approach

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Include a minimum of four references, two for each therapeutic approach.

Alternative Medicine Research

Describe an alternative approach that you have used. If you have not used an alternative approach, describe one approach that you would consider using. Identify a scholarly empirical research article discussing the efficacy of this approach. Does the article support integrating this approach into the dominant healthcare system in America? Discuss the pros and cons of integrating this approach into the dominant healthcare system. Cite specific research findings to support your argument from scholarly sources. Be sure to put information in your own words and cite accordingly. Post should be at least 300 words.

Intervention and Reinforcement for Participation

For this assignment, you will develop three interventions for participants, and plan a variety of reinforces for them.

In consideration of the desired outcomes of your final project, complete the following:

  1. Identify an intervention that is matched to an outcome. For example, if I were developing a program on STD prevention and foreign study students, one of my outcomes might be knowledge about how STDs are contracted. An intervention for that could be an online quiz. 
  2. Produce a reinforcement plan for each intervention. For my example above, I might offer a coupon for a free protein shake at the student union for participants who completed the quiz with a passing score. If a participant can correctly complete the quiz in the language of the country where he/she will be studying, perhaps he/she earns a coupon for a super meal at the student union. 
  3. Explain why you believe this reinforcer will work, based on general concepts.

Provide answers for steps A-C for the first intervention, then A-C for the second intervention, and then A-C for the third intervention.

Examples of interventions in your reading include: Mini workshops, counseling, education programs, support groups/sponsors, spiritual retreats, treatment centers, coaching, meditation, exercise. You are not limited to these methods or modalities.

essay development

purdue apa format questions answered 1-3 paragraphs
Question 1
Your team has been on the receiving end of some customer service complaints. You know that part of the problem is that you are short-staffed, and pat of the problem is that your team hasn’t had adequate customer service training. Draft two well-developed paragraphs of differing styles in order to communicate your concerns with the staff. Choose from the following styles of paragraphs: compare-contrast, cause and effect, personal testimony, expository
Question 2
As you have learned in the lesson, the reasons for and audiences for an essay vary due to time and place. However, William Zinsser suggests that the audience for a piece of writing is ultimately yourself. Why does Zinsser say that you are your own audience? How can these principles of being your own audience translate into academic writing and the workplace?
Question 3
In your own words, define preliminary research and explain why it is important to the prewriting process.
Question 4
Explain at least two qualities that go into making a strong and effective thesis statement, and describe the role the thesis statement plays within a paper. Provide an example of an effective thesis statement for a research paper related to your industry.
Question 5
William Zinsser says that “unity of pronoun” is one of the most important choices a writer can make. What is “unity of pronoun”? Why is it important? In your own words, describe each pronoun category and give examples of when you would use each in a piece of writing.
Question 6
In your own words, describe what it means to say that an essay is organized and unified. What are three questions you might ask yourself in the revision process to check for a unified essay? What role do transitions play in unifying an essay?
Question 7
In your own words, explain what an effective paragraph is. What characteristics make a paragraph effective? What characteristics make a paragraph ineffective?
Question 8
According to Rosenwasser, what are the three common problems in conclusions? Review the sample essay below. Identify an example of these three problems and explain how you would revise the paragraph to solve the composition problems.

 Charles Simic Essay
Question 9
What are clichés and why should you avoid using them in your writing? Write a sentence using at least two clichés, then revise the same sentence eliminating cliché.
Question 10
Identify three differences between business writing and academic writing. Identify two ways in which business and academic writing are the same (apart from mechanics such as spelling, grammar, made up of sentences, etc).

Interview a Manager / Supervisor

Interview was done- answers attached. Assignment Deliverables Provide a comprehensive written summary of your interview, presented in a professional manner, to include answers to the following questions: What did you learn about what motivates your interviewee in their managerial/supervisory role? Did anything surprise you? What did you learn about the techniques or methods your interviewee uses to motivate their people? What learning can you tie in from this week’s lecture to this assignment?

2 ( Double spacing, 550 words )

how to learn a second language

The topic is: how to learn a second language. The focus of this speech should be on the methods of learning a second language.
Your speech draft should use the following structure:
Intro: Please write a personal story in the introduction. Please imagine you’re a Chinese if you’re not. Write the story from the perspective of a Chinese (assume you’re a Chinese). The story should be about how we Chinese learn English. And through the story, you want to prove how important is the methods of learning a second language,The way we learn English in China is to do a lot of HW, usually very hard grammar stuff. But you rarely pay attention to spoken practices. So we learned theories but we lack practices.(don’t make the intro boring) Body: To introduce the good methods of learning a second languageInclude three main points(with sub-points) Conclusion

Keep the whole speech simple,don’t use big words, not difficult grammar structures. Use a little humor if you can think of any.

Please use two sources in the body when introducing the methods. Find the sources by yourself.

Use MLA format of citations.

Optimization of Interventions Over Time

Weiss (2009, June) addressed the benefits of anticipatory prevention and opportunistic prevention. For this discussion, extrapolate possibilities to accommodate one of the following options. Apply your answers to your final project.

  1. What might be a situation in which a participant could benefit from one-on-one anticipatory prevention, and how would you implement this?
  2. What might be a situation in which a participant could benefit from one-on-one opportunistic prevention, and how would you implement this?

Aligns with the following weekly outcomes: 1
Aligns with the following course outcomes: 1, 3, 7


Maintenance in any program is a challenge. For this discussion, answer the following questions. Apply your answers to your final project.

  1. At what intervals do you believe participants will need encouragement to maintain wellness behaviors? Provide one example related to a timeline for participants, and another related to individual participant lifestyle.
  2. What might you include in your intervention that will aid in maintaining participation and performance levels?

For these posts, you may wish to consider tips on page 334 of the class text, which outline strategies that increase utilization.

At least 300 words

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