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Resilience Break-Through

For the Book 3 segment of this course, you will be reading the Survivor Personality in its entirety. The supplemental readings of the Resilience Breakthrough and The Resiliency Advantage are require and have been uploaded for you. I will post the assignment soon as well as the Discussion Board questions which will be due March 25. I hope you enjoy this reading and find it meaningful in your understanding of resiliency. Assignment for Book #3 There are two parts to this assignment: one for Resilience Break-Through and one for Resiliency Advantage. All parts of both assignments should be thorough in incorporating the key concepts from the reading you have done in each of these supplemental texts. Resilience Break-Through Moore talks about “flipping the switch”. Choose an individual/story from recent news headlines or news article that you feel represents a situation that exemplifies “flipping the switch”. You may use electronic sources (youtube, social media) but must be respectable sources that can be cited. Write a summation paragraph (along with citation link to the story/article) about the individual and their story so the situation is understood (the background). Moore discusses the cycle of “flipping the switch” and listed four steps involved in that cycle. Take your story through all four steps of that cycle. Describe/define /analyze your interpretation of the individual in the story you selected in each of these four steps. Moore discusses his list of top 60 resiliency heroes. Choose your top 3 resiliency heroes (not from his list, but from your own), and… Discuss: why you chose them the resiliency characteristics, supported by the reading you have done, that this hero exemplifies. what you learned from them in the way of resiliency skills Resiliency Advantage It probably came as no surprise that attitudes and beliefs play a key role in how resilient a person will be. Siebert discusses eight principles affecting resiliency. Siebert also discussed how it became apparent from his research, that resiliency was stunted in childhood as “they were trained to fit into a slow-to-change world where disruptive change was infrequent, temporary, and resolved by the authorities in charge”. As children, we were not encouraged to engage with the experiential world, rather we were to fit in and assimilate to societal norms. Also, Siebert discussed different types of problem solving that were key to resiliency. Choose 3 – 5 of the transformational changes Siebert outlined on p. 193 that you see as the “Big Ones” for you in regards to resiliency. Define and analyze why this emerged as the most important to you. From the information presented on skillful problem solving, describe and define the benefits of the three types of problem solving discussed. Additionally, define your views on the impact and value of good and varied problem solving skills on the process of resiliency.

Analyze how ISO 14001 and AA1000 regulations protect stakeholders

Do these regulations and reports have an impact on how investors see the long-term viability of an organization or company in which they plan to invest?
What are examples of this in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia where this reporting occurs? In a 4-5 page paper, not including the cover and reference pages, explain how these regulations impact future investors, local stakeholders, and the organization’s or company’s sustainability.
Use academic writing standards and APA style guidelines, citing references as appropriate

Comparative Country Analysis

1) This group assignment is designed to give you hands-on experience in exploring internationalization opportunities for a U.S. company known to one or more of the team members. It will help enhance your research, analytical, team-working and report-writing skills, in addition to providing you with considerable knowledge of sources of information relating to global business and strategy. Assume that your team is a strategy consulting firm and the U.S. company you selected has requested your services to help them identify a foreign market for them to consider entering. The company may already be in some foreign markets, or exporting to them, but now they are considering making FDI in a new foreign market which offers the best potential and the lowest risk for their business. 2) This is a group assignment, The teacher assigned CHINA for our group, and we choose SPAIN for the Comparative country for this assignment. And our team selected CHIPOTLE to be the U.S. company we are going to compare. 3) And for my part is (E & F) infrastructure and demographic trends. Please use the APA format to do citation and in-text citation. and (12-point font, one-inch margins, single-spaced with double space between paragraphs)

Write A Speech About Why People Should Vote for the Democratic Party

Using the Internet to find sources, write a speech. In the speech, you will ask your audience to vote in line with the Democrats. Within your speech, create a catch phrase that will make your speech memorable. Try using a simile or metaphor. Your oral argument must explain the philosophy and goals of two parties- Democratic and Republican. What does each philosophy say about the role of government, about man’s inherent goodness, and man’s rights vs. responsibilities? What political change has been brought about by the party? The speech must contain a claim and counter claim. Give a brief history of the parties, including the year the parties were formed and the reasons for their creation. List any recent victories the parties might have achieved, such as putting some of its members in the Senate or House of Representatives or having a particular law passed by Congress.

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The ‘traditional’ Gacaca approach to dispute resolution (in dealing with the aftermath of the 1994 Rwandan genocide

PART 2 of question • the ‘traditional’ Gacaca approach to dispute resolution (in dealing with the aftermath of the 1994 Rwandan genocide)  500-550 words. Turnitin report is KEY to prove there is no plagiarism.. Make sure you use harvard style referencing for your SOURCES and put bibliography AT THE BOTTOM ( they are not part of the 500 words)

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Describe the pathophysiologic changes to the immune system when exposed to allergens and the clinical manifestations of these changes

Formulate a care plan for the treatments to be given. Include information you would give for him to educate him about why he has the symptoms he experiences, a description of the program and what he can expect, how long it will take, and long-term expectations.

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Research and analyze Problem Solving Methods and Models found in current literature to solve problems, increase productivity or enhance growth potential

List and discuss multiple problems resolution methods/ models. (select one case study that utilized a specific problem/solution methods/models: include in the discussion, the problem, rationale for selection of the method/model and results post intervention). all authors must be cited within text and on reference page per APA 2. Give a brief summary of case study

What and how digital transformation impact on the performance and profitability of their SMEs

The topic is broadly about digital entrepreneurship, but focusing on digital transformation and its impact on performance. It is seeking to find out what and how digital transformation impact on the performance and profitability of their SMEs. There should be a conceptual framework with a theory and model which may be confirmed or altered from the findings and discussions. This should be an Exploratory Qualitative Study with case study of about 4-6 SMEs. Cases must be Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Showing some Details / Profile of the Cases. If possible, it must be situated for developing countries. For the data analysis, show codes, Number of coders, inter-rater reliability, etc. Academic Level is PhD. The Paper Structure should include: Abstract, Introduction (with research questions), Theoretical Background, Conceptual Framework (Theory & Model), Methodology (with research settings, case selection, data collection and analysis), Findings, Discussions (with model/framework if possible), Conclusion (with Limitation, Contribution and recommendation)

Manage your work, manage your life case study

After reading the assigned HBR article (“Manage your work, manage your life” by Groysberg & Abraham, 2014; and watching the 10 minutes TED talk by Nigel Marsh, “Work-life balance is an ongoing battle”, available at:, share your experience and aspirations to achieving a work-life balance: What is the perfect job arrangement for you so you can achieve a better work-life balance? Does your organization support some flexibility for employees? What is the business value for your company in promoting greater work-life balance for its employees? What are the risks of not supporting work-life balance for employees? Do you agree with Nigel Marsh’ four observations about achieving work-life balance.

Develop an intervention that could possibly reduce obesity

Supportive Submission #3 For this assignment, you are to develop an intervention that could possibly reduce obesity among your priority population chosen in SS 2. Certain population characteristics should be considered when choosing an intervention. Nutrition behaviors are a product of age, culture, education, social and economic position, food access, family structure, and health status. Therefore, population subgroups that differ by age, race, ethnicity, income or geography may respond differently to your intervention. Keep in mind any cultural or societal barriers, design an appropriate intervention for your priority population, incorporate current nutritional and physical fitness recommendations that contribute to health. Include discussion on the components of fitness and the role of energy balance. Two examples of nutritional recommendations are listed below (I encourage you to research additional nutritional guidelines when determining your intervention, but this is a good place to start): My Plate Dietary Guidelines: Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) Diet: See the attached examples. Copying any of the information and trying to pass it as your own will lead to a 0 on the assignment. All written submissions should reflect professionalism in grammar, spelling, writing style/format (one-inch margins, double spaced, typed in 12-point Times New Roman font), include APA 6th citations when appropriate, an appropriate title page, and be uploaded as .doc or .docx documents

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