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Law Enforcement

paper of 500-750 words from the following list, allowing you to concentrate on one of the eight chapters. PICK ONLY ONE!!!!!! USE the following textbook; The Police in America: An Introduction by Samuel Walker and Charles M. Katz, 8th Edition (ISBN: 978-0-07-802654-6) Chapter 8 Project: Describe four reasons why the public calls the police in situations not involving a crime. Identify the sort of behaviors that might not be considered a crime, yet result in the police being called frequently. Explain the difference between streetwalkers and call girls, and discuss how each might have an impact on order maintenance and peacekeeping, and what that impact might be. Which would have a larger impact on public expectations of the police, and why? Which would seem to have the potential for adding to the crime problem, and why? Chapter 9 Project: You have been assigned to the training unit of a large police department. The Chief of Detectives comes to you and tells you he has a problem with patrol officers who are being transferred to detective assignments on a frequent basis due to the retirements of a significant number of the older detectives. According to the chief, the prosecutor’s office has rejected a high number of cases because of poorly documented investigations; he has also observed that cases contain relatively few confessions as compared to past years. He is worried that if this problem is not solved soon, there will be a significant drop in cleared cases. He requests that the training unit develop a 40-hour block of training to address this problem. Your first activity would be to do a needs assessment, but for the purpose of this exercise assume you have completed that task. Your task now is to develop a 40 hour block of training to meet the needs of the new detectives. Chapter 10 Project: Your community has two neighborhoods adjacent to each other. One is a larger neighborhood in a state of improvement as the result of intensive work between the police, citizens and city officials. The second is a smaller neighborhood with high incidents over many years of reported criminal activity, including drugs, shootings, robberies, burglaries, and prostitution. Over the past six months, in spite of the efforts of police, the larger neighborhood has experienced increases in drug and prostitution activity, with neighbors reaching the point where they blame the police for not stopping the drug and prostitution activity. The belief of both the police and the citizens is that the activity is coming from the smaller neighborhood.

Relying on what you’ve learned in chapters 8 and 10, and applying appropriate strategies as discussed in them, what sort of police tactical and strategic activity would you conduct in either or each of these two neighborhoods to address this increasing level of crime and citizen dissatisfaction, and what sort of assistance should citizens provide you in your effort to address this situation?

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